Please switch off the lights

We knew this day would come
but why was it left to me
to switch the lights off?

If I had left earlier
it would have been different
there would have been a last lunch
a last visit at the hospice perhaps
a hug a kiss
a moment to reflect
a chance to say goodbye
and to give thanks
for the friendship

the chat room archives
echo with our playful banter

crush confessions
missed opportunities

love poems serious poems
funny poems our poems

who’s coming to town?
who’s out of town?

when shall we meet?
what did we eat?

you cooked that?
can I have some?

who’s not well?
who just passed?

you missed me?
I missed you too

When I hit enter
no one will read my post
no snappy repartee
no emoji thumbs ups

no fond farewells
no teary reminiscences

just me